Germany to Australia
Alfred 1852


Alfred 1852
Auguste & Meline 1849
Ceres 1850
Cesar Godeffroy 1854
Caesar Godeffroy 1860
Dockenhuden 1852
Dockenhugen 1853
George Washington 1844
George Washington 1849
Herder 1851
Hermann 1853
Iserbrook 1854
Johan Cesar 1855
Lady Augusta 1853 Passage to S.A
Leontine 1850
Skjold 1841
Steinvorder / Steinwarder 1853
Steinwarder 1854
Wandrahm 1854
Vesta 1856
Zebra 1838

ALFRED 7 June 1852 - 10 October 1852

* BREUST, Wilhelm Heinrich Hermann Christian: Occ: Saddler; Age: 15; Res: Zellerfeld; Ship: 7; Information: After his arrival in Adelaide, he joins his brother Franz on the goldfields in Victoria. The rest of the family, alltogether 6 people, arrive in Australia on the HERMANN in 1858, the father lives in Callington. Also: Index.

* FRICK, Carl August Ludwig: Occ: Carpenter in the smelting works; Age: 27; Res: Lautenthal; Ship: 7.

Frick, Johanne nee Frisch: Age: 23.

Frick, Louis: Age: 3, Information: Check Index.

Frick, August: Age: 1.

* FRISCH, Heinrich Wilhelm Julius: Occ: Occasional Miner; Age: 26; Res: Lautenthal; Ship: 7; Information: Check Index II.

Frisch, Friedricke nee Frohne: Age: 19.

* FRISCH, Carl Heinrich August Ludwig: Occ: Ore-sorter; Age: 18; Res: Lautenthal; Ship: 7.

* FULLGRABE, Johann Heinrich: Occ: Woodsman, Age: 41; Res: Sieber; Ship: 7; Information: Check Index II.

Fullgrabe, Caroline nee Engelke: Age: 35.

Fullgrabe, Heinrich Friedrich Carl: Age: 7; Information: Dies 3.10.1859.

Fullgrabe, Heinrich Wilhelm Ludwig: Age: 11.

Fullgrabe, Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm: Age: 10. Information: Check Index.

Fullgrabe, CAroline Wilhelmine Louise Friedrike: Age: 15.

Fullgrabe, Johanne Friederick Charlotte Amalie: Age: 8.

* GOBERNACK, Heinrich Christian Andreas: Occ: Afterlaufer; Age: 38; Res: Lautenthal; Ship: 7; Information: Describes as being poor in 1858. Dies 9.1.1889 disabled and destitute. Buried at Lobethal. He is mentioned in Anna Ey's book.

Gobernack, Caroline Wilhelmine Henriette nee Jurgens: Age: 30; Information: Dies 21.9.1900 in hospital in Adelaide. Buried at Lobethal.

* GODECKE, Carl August Ludwig: Occ: Roadworker; Age: 39; Res: Clausthal; Ship: 7.

* GROBECKER, Heinrich Christoph: Occ: Woodsman; Age: 28; Res: Sieber: Ship: 7.

* HIRSCHHAUSEN, Heinrich August: Occ: Ore-sorter; Age: 18; Res: Clausthal; Ship: 7.

* HITZIG, Christian Heinrich Gottlieb: Occ: Worker in a slate quarry; Age: 63; Res: Lautenthal: Ship: 7; Information: By 1858 he is blind.

Hitzig, Friederike Christiane nee Grau: Age: 38.

Hitzig, Henriette Friedericke Caroline (last name is also Mahn): Age: 11.

* JAHN, Carl: Age: 7; Res: Clausthal; Ship: 7; Information: His mother migrated to Australia earlier and left her son with her parents until she was able to bring him to Australia. He travels with Carl August Wilhelm Schier. Carl was naturalized in 1895 in Hindmansch. Occupation at the time: labourer. Also check Index.

* JURGENS, Heinrich Wilhelm Theodor: Occ: Roadworker; Age: 53; Res: Lautenthal; Ship: 7.

* JURGENS, Carl Friedrich Julius: Age: 12; Ship: 7; Information: Check Index.

* KUTSCHER, Georg Wilhelm: Occ: Baker; Age: 61; Res: St. Andreasberg; Ship: 7; Information: Check Index.

Kutscher, Hermann: Age: 17.

Kutscher, Wilhelm: Occ: Apprentice baker; Age: 32.

Kutscher, Caroline: Age: 21.

* LANGHAGEN, Georg Heinrich: Occ; Roadworker; Age: 53; Res: Lautenthal; Ship: 7.

* LOWE, Emilie Mathilde nee David: Age: 43; Res: Clausthal; Ship: 7.

Lowe, Carl Friedrich: Occ: Wagon driver.

Lowe, Dorette Auguste: Age: 8.

Lowe, Marie Sophie Amalie (Dreimann): Age: 14.

* LUTZE, Johanne Christiane Henriette nee Hofener (widow): Age: 48; Res: Zellerfeld; Ship: 7; Information: Children Theodor, August, Heinrich and Caroline emigrated on the George Washington. Also check Index.

Lutze, Julius Christian Friedrich: Occ: Ore-sorter; Age: 16; Information: Check family history.

Lutze, Carl Adolph: Age: 9; Information: Check family history.

* LUTZE, Friedrich August Carl: oCC: Apprentice locksmith; Age: 21; Res: Zellerfeld; Ship: 7.

Lutze, Auguste nee Mugge: Age: 25.

* SCHIER, Carl August Wilhelm: Occ: Works in an iron foundry/iron /*miner; Age: 22; Res: Clausthal; Ship: 7; Information: Naturalized in 1901 in Barmah, Victoria. Occupation at the time: Farmer. In 1854 offers to pay for the voyage of the wife and child of his brother Friedrich Schier. The family comes to Australia on ship 14.

* SCHMIDT, Friedrich Julius Ludwig; Occ: Ore-sorter; Age: 22; Res: Clausthal: Ship: 7.

* SPENGLER, Carl Wilhelm: Occ: Roadworker; Age: 29; Res: St. Andreasberg; Ship: 7.

Spengler, Georg Theodor Wilhelm: Occ: Ore-sorter; Age: 10.

Spengler, Auguste: Age: 12.