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Africaine 1836
Australia 1849
Coromandel 1837
Cygnet 1836
D'Auvergne 1839
Duke of Roxburgh 1838
Duke of York 1836
Electric 1865
Emma 1836
Forfarshire 1848
HMS Buffalo 1836
Tracks of HMS Buffalo 1836
Java 1840
Lloyds 1838
Navarino 1849
Navarino 1848
Omega 1856
Oroya 1896
Princess Royal 1847
Resource 1839
Shackamaxon 1853
Standard 1852
Trusty 1838
Warren Hastings 1855
Winchester 1838

Port Adelaide 1840

Passenger  Lists
As we all  Trace our Family  History   , we will always  come across  Stumbling  Blocks
"Quotes " like
I can't find  the Ship they arrived on  ,
and this one I like  the  best
" They  hide ......  and   We seek "
For all those  tracing  their  Family   Heritage ,   we have all come across  the       " Brick Walls "
So to  all those  who have helped me , I would  like  to  return the favour and build this site  , and  in doing so , help others 
I have a few  Passenger Lists   and  have received some  from  other  Generous  people  also 
All information about  the  Ships  came from the  book
" Migrant Ships for  South Australia    1836 - 1866  "
No  Passenger Lists  in the book   
Many  Many  Thanks  to  all  who  have  shared  there Passenger Lists
Some pages will take a little longer   to  load , as they have  photocopies of  the  original  lists  
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