Germany to Australia
Cesar Godeffroy 1854


Alfred 1852
Auguste & Meline 1849
Ceres 1850
Cesar Godeffroy 1854
Caesar Godeffroy 1860
Dockenhuden 1852
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George Washington 1844
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Iserbrook 1854
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Lady Augusta 1853 Passage to S.A
Leontine 1850
Skjold 1841
Steinvorder / Steinwarder 1853
Steinwarder 1854
Wandrahm 1854
Vesta 1856
Zebra 1838

CESAR GODEFFROY 28 August 1853 - 1 January 1854

* BAHR, Carl August Wilhelm: Occ: Miner; Age: 38; Res: Clausthal; Ship: 11; Information: Most probably naturalized in Port Lincoln as a miner prior to 1872.

Bahr, Johanne Eleonore Ernestine Emillie nee Rehbock: Age: 34.

Bahr, Ernst Georg Carl: Age: 9; Information: Naturalized in 1901 in Melbourne. Occupation at the time: Blacksmith.

Bahr, Caroline Friedericke Mathilde: Age: 7.

Bahr, Juliane Caroline Friederike Wilhelmine: Age: 4; Information: Dies as Catherine Bahr in 1879 in Victoria.

* BOCK, Johann Carl Friedrich: Occ: Olim Afterlaufer; Poch-oder Bergarbeiter; Age: 52; Res: Andreasberg; Ship:11; Information: Naturalized in Aberdeen. Occupation at the time: Miner. Dies 5.1.1879 in Adelaide.

Bock, Christiane friederike nee Bothe: Age: 50.

Bock, Carl August Bruno: Occ: Ore-sorter; Age: 17.

Bock, Carl Wilhelm Johannes: Age: 4; Information: Index.

Bock, August Louis Wilhelm: Occ: Occasional miner; Age: 26; Information: William Bock dies 1870, age 44, in Victoria.

Bock, Christiane Friedericke Charlotte (also called Julie): Occ: Maid in Hamburg; Age: 24.

Bock, Elise Louise Friedericke: Occ: Maid in Hamburg; Age: 20.

* BRINKMANN, Carl August Wilhelm: Occ: Ore-sorter; Age: 18; Res: St. Andreasberg; Ship:11.

* DOHRENWEND, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm, Occ: Publican; Age: 50; Res: Altenau; Ship: 11; Information: Publican at the Charleston in Charleston (Charleston Road) from 10.3.1873 - 9.3.1877. From 1868 - 1871 publican at the Rising Sun (95 Main Street Lobethal (Tweedvale). Also: Index under Dohredwend.

Dohrenwend, Caroline Henriette nee Gerig: Age: 44. Information: Dies 2.12.1874 in Charleston.

Dohrenwend, Wilhelmine Friederike Emma: Age: 3.

Dohrenwend, Johanne Caroline Auguste: Age: 14.

Dohrenwend, Johanne Caroline Anna: Age: 11; Information: Married to Hermann Diedrich Mengersen. Check Index.

Dohrenwend, Johanne Henriette Marie: Age: 20. Information: Married to Georg Pfeiffer. Check Index.

Dohrenwend, Wilhelmine Friederike Louise Meta: Age: 5; Information: Married to Carl Aug. Sobels. Check Index.

Dohrenwend, Henriette Friederike Auguste Lina: Age: 7. Information: Married to Theodor Gustav Hermann Buring. Check Index.

* HOLLAND, Carl Christian: Occ: Miner; Age: 18; Res: Clausthal; Ship: 11; Information: Dies 29.4.1890 in hospital in Adelaide. Also check Index.

* KALLMEYER, Carl Heinrich Wilhelm Conrad: Occ: Miner; Age: 18; Res: Clausthal; Ship: 11; Information: Might have changed his name to Callmeyer.

* LANGE, Johannes Carl Christoph: Occ: Miner; Age: 29; Res: Zellerfeld; Ship: 11.

Lange, Johanne Sophie Henriette nee Breitenbach: Age: 24.

Lange, Johann Carl Wilhelm Louis: Age: 1; Information: Dies 22.9.1897 in Blumberg. Killed in an accident at the sawmill. Occupation at the time: farmer.

* LEINIG, Georg Josua Carl: Occ: Ore-sorter; Age: 21; Res: Clausthal; Ship: 11.

* LEINIG, Carl August Friedrich Wilhelm: Occ: Apprentice mechanic/engineer; Age: 15; Res: Clausthal; Ship: 11.

Liebeknecht, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm: Age: 11; Res: Lautenthal; Information: Check Index II.

* MULLER, Johanne Henriette nee Kunstler (widow): Age: 46; Res: Clausthal; Ship: 11.

Muller, Ernst Wilhelm Ludwig: Occ: Ore-sorter; Age: 18.

* NAGLER, Friedrich Carl August: Occ: Occasional roadworker; Age: 35;

Res: Clausthal; Ship: 11.

* PINNE, Heinrich August Friedrich Ludwig: Occ: Supervisor of machine; Age: 36; Res: Schulenberg; Ship: 11; Information: Naturalized in 1865 in Smythesdale, Victoria. Occupation at the time: baker.

Pinne, Auguste nee Lies (widowed Bruning): Age: 32; Information: Dies 1876 in Victoria.

Pinne, Julius: Age: 1.

Pinne, (Bruning), Albert: Age:8.

Pinne, (Bruning), Friederike: Age: 12.

Pinne, (Bruning), Alwina: Age;6.

Pinne, (Bruning), Elisabeth: Age: 10.

* ROSE, Heinrich August Adolf: Occ: Roadworker and woodsman; Age: 20; Res: Lerbach; Ship: 11.

* SCHMIDT, Carl August Theodor: Occ: Ore-sorter; Age: 20; Res: Zellerfeld; Ship: 11; Information: Naturalized in Kooringa. Occupation at the time: miner.

* SCHUNCKE, Johann Carl Christian: Occ: Miner; Age: 33; Res: Clausthal; Ship: 11; Information: Naturalized in 1867 in Tarilta, Victoria. Occupation at the time: butcher. Dies at Bendigo, Victoria.

Schuncke, Christiane Dorothea nee Knaustler: Age: 32. Information: Dies 1895 in Bendigo, Victoria

Schuncke, Carl Adolph Ludwig: Age: 5.

Schuncke, Carl Heinrich August: Age: 2.

* STOPP, Heinrich August Ludwig: Occ: Miner; Age: 40; Res: Clausthal; Ship: 11, Information: Check Index II.

Stopp, Johanne Juliane Louise nee Seidal: Age: 31.

Stopp, Carl Heinrich August Friedrich: Age: 4.

Stopp, Johanne Auguste Charlotte Juliane: Age:10.

Stopp: Auguste Julie: Age; 0.

Stopp, Marie Johanne Philippina: Age: 6.

* WIESEMEYER, Johann Christian: Occ: Supervisor of roadworkers; Age: 38; Res: Clausthal; Ship: 11; Information: Naturalized in South Australia. Occupation at the time: railway-messenger. In 1858 Describes as having only one arm.

Wiesemeyer, Johanne Friedericke Georgina nee Stolze: Age:46.

Wiesemeyer, Johann Christian Wilhelm: Age: 5.

Wiesemeyer, Heinrich Ludwig Eduard: Age: 11.

Wiesemeyer, Heinrich Christian Friedrich Ferdinand: Age: 4; Information: Dies 1938 in Torrensville.

Wiesemeyer, Friederike Dorothea Henriette: Age: 9.

Wiesemeyer, Caroline Friedericke Christiane Henriette: Age: 1.

Wiesemeyer, Auguste Caroline Wilhelmine Elisabeth: Age: 7; Information: Marries a Edward Wiesemeyer. She dies on 26.7.1909 in Adelaide. He dies on 2.10.1913 in Adelaide.